Watercolors by Terry







Terry Holliday

Watercolors by Terry

Bend, OR


Watercolor is my first love, my first art experience. Since picking up a watercolor brush at the beckoning of my grandmother; I have tried diligently to study and master the art of painting with this medium. After years of painting with watercolors, I still know there is much to learn.

I taught Art for 15 years in two small secondary schools in Texas. Teaching allowed me to be exposed to many other art media. I became very interested and excited about photography, colored pencil, and jewelry-making also. The challenges and newness of the different media inspire me daily. The last few years I have traveled and been blessed with experiencing life in Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, and Thailand. I enjoy creating art work from the beauty that surrounds me. You should see all the photographs I have taken!

In addition to creating artwork, I also enjoy writing. I have three blogs. The first is My Creativity Blog, http://mycreativityblog.com, where I share my thoughts on creativity and the artistic process. The second is Art For Homeschool, http://www.artforhomeschool.com, which is a website devoted to helping parents give their children art instruction through various ways. I share my insight through articles about art education. The site also has a membership portion with video art lessons I wrote, filmed, and produced. I am also starting an online art show for homeschool students through this website.

The third blog I have just started. I am going to include some of my art, genealogy work, thoughts and photographs of my travels. It is http://www.terryhollidaygiltner.com. I also have a website where you can see my art. It is Watercolors By Terry, http://www.watercolorsbyterry.com.

So, you can call me an artist, art teacher, filmmaker, writer, patron of the arts, mother, and grandmother. I guess you could say I am a creative person with many interests. I thank God daily for all the creative blessings he has given me. I hope you enjoy viewing my work. Please come back often.


American Beauty by Terry Holliday


On The Big Island by Terry Holliday


Purple Orchid by Terry Holliday


Lily Still Life by Terry Holliday


Oberkamp Drugstore Window by Terry Holliday


Lady in Yellow by Terry Holliday


Meditation by Terry Holliday


Molokai Beach by Terry Holliday


Bones and Roses by Terry Holliday


In Thought by Terry Holliday


Coral Bean Flowers by Terry Holliday


Madonna and Child by Terry Holliday


Bluebonnet Beauties by Terry Holliday


The Race by Terry Holliday


Small Garden Scene by Terry Holliday


Alamo Walkway by Terry Holliday


Small Orchids by Terry Holliday


Plumeria by Terry Holliday


Just Off Molokai by Terry Holliday


View of Kaulapapa by Terry Holliday


Moon Over Molokai by Terry Holliday


Hotel Molokai Beach by Terry Holliday